Thursday, 6 October 2011

My Chosen Theme

Having done a lot of research in the holidays about everything around me there has been a common theme running through.. So I have decided to go along the nature route using flowers and animals/insects and pulling out shapes to either use as a garment shape or putting the shapes onto the garment in an unusual way. I have also decided to use rather a lot of textile work which involves lace making, applique and embroidery there may also be some other I may want to use but haven't chose them as of yet.

My samples of textile work:
My Lace.. Top is a rose, Bottom is a section from a tudor house.

My embroidery.. I accomplished the look of this using a sewing machine with various stitches on.
This embroidery is of a section also on a tudor house.

My Applique.. this is a flower from my sketchbook which I traced various petals.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Recreation of Rankin

My sister needed to recreate an image Rankin shot for her photography college work so she used me as a model..
Rankin's Image
My sister's photoshop edit of me, recreating Rankin's work.