Wednesday, 30 May 2012


My photographer let me down, which is no surprise because thats just my look. This means I have lost my location as well as the photographer was how i was getting there.
I took the photographs myself but me being no photographer thought they would turn out rubbish, but no they didn't they turned out surprisingly well for me. Must of been my sister amazing nikon, which now I have used hers I may have to invest in one.
I done test shots first so here they are..

They are all in areas that will reflect my garments.

My shoot..
Showing the skirt off.

Innocent pose.

He loves me, He loves me not. Pulling petals to show the inspiration behind the skirt.

Admiring the wing, and the sections in them.

Pulling petals of a rose, this is to show the petal on the dress.

Looking for s butterfly in the tree.

Searching for butterflies.
Still looking.

Pastel Colours..

Since I chose to use pastel colours in my collection I have seen the colours come out in all the shops..


New look..

Dorothy Perkins..

Miss Selfridge


Last year the Foundation Degree students made gifts to go in the bags that go on the tables at the fashion show.

Here are a few I have handmade, there are more but they will take up my whole blog..
 Bracelets made from leather, beads and leaf beads that I ordered off ebay.

 Headbands made from flowers that I got from abakhan in the crafts hut. I was going to put these on my bandeau tops but changed my mind. I really like these headbands they are very unique.
Earrings from the beads i got off eBay. I think these are really cute and unique.

Make-up && hair ideas..

I want the make-up to be as natural looking as it can be.

Simple and very natural. 
 This girl is stunning and so i her make-up. This look is the 'Natural' look I really want.

Simple eyes and a very natural look. I really like this.
I love the look of someones hair with a doughnut ring. I feel this look is ideal for my collection as it is simple and stylish, also it has an innocent look to it.
 I also like this one. i like how they have plaited the left over hair and wrapped it round the bun.

Posing With Butterflies and flowers..

Poses that appeal to me and my collection..

I was browsing through and found some amazing images of what poses I could use. I could of chosen thousands off this site because i feel the images on the site are really strong. Some of the images are really innocent which is how I want my collection to be portrayed.

Some Of My Toiles..


I haven't posted any of my toiles on here because I would rather see the end result than something that isn't final.

I do have various images of them though...

 This is my butterfly wing dress. As you can see the skirt section is cut like a wing on a butterfly.

 This is the back view of my circle skirt which is going to be made out of rose tulle. I'm excited for this one because i think its going to look amazing.

 This is a sample of the petal skirt. I later discovered a much better and nicer looking way to do the skirt so that the petals were out and overlapping like a flower.

 This is my butterfly patterned wing skirt. This has a netted underskirt underneath. Taking a picture without the underskirt underneath. I have come to the conclusion the skirt looks nicer without the underskirt.
Without the underskirt.