Wednesday, 30 May 2012


My photographer let me down, which is no surprise because thats just my look. This means I have lost my location as well as the photographer was how i was getting there.
I took the photographs myself but me being no photographer thought they would turn out rubbish, but no they didn't they turned out surprisingly well for me. Must of been my sister amazing nikon, which now I have used hers I may have to invest in one.
I done test shots first so here they are..

They are all in areas that will reflect my garments.

My shoot..
Showing the skirt off.

Innocent pose.

He loves me, He loves me not. Pulling petals to show the inspiration behind the skirt.

Admiring the wing, and the sections in them.

Pulling petals of a rose, this is to show the petal on the dress.

Looking for s butterfly in the tree.

Searching for butterflies.
Still looking.

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