Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Some Of My Toiles..


I haven't posted any of my toiles on here because I would rather see the end result than something that isn't final.

I do have various images of them though...

 This is my butterfly wing dress. As you can see the skirt section is cut like a wing on a butterfly.

 This is the back view of my circle skirt which is going to be made out of rose tulle. I'm excited for this one because i think its going to look amazing.

 This is a sample of the petal skirt. I later discovered a much better and nicer looking way to do the skirt so that the petals were out and overlapping like a flower.

 This is my butterfly patterned wing skirt. This has a netted underskirt underneath. Taking a picture without the underskirt underneath. I have come to the conclusion the skirt looks nicer without the underskirt.
Without the underskirt.

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