Thursday, 8 December 2011

Paris 2011

Paris was an amazing experience. I'm so glad I went. Apart from the area I found it really fun. We found that some of the french people were ignorant, then you got the odd one that could tell that we were lost and would stop to help. Having a map for the metro really helped. We independently found the stop we needed to get off at to see everything that we wanted to see. If i have one negative about this trip is that two full days is not enough to see the hole of paris. An extra day or two would of been great.

Nothing really went with collection but I still took pictures of everything that I found unique and unusual.

We went up the eiffel tower. You don't notice how big it is till your at the top. I found how it was constructed really interesting and inspiring.

I found the the catacombs really weird as  had never seen anything like that before.

At the end after looking at thousands of skulls and bones it made me think of how many bodies are actually there.

I was excited to see the Notre Dame as it was a childhood film that I had watched.

I really like the colours in this glass window.

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