Friday, 9 December 2011

Various Designs

I finally have a collection name, because I am designing butterflies and flowers on and as the garment. I have decided to call my collection ' Nature is the art of God". Here are a handful of my designs.

This is the image I got my inspiration for the top design.
This design is inspired by the different sections in a butterflies' wing.

I got the design above's skirt section shape from this image.
If you look at the on the side you can see I have made the skirt section from a butterfly wing.

The layering shapes on this dress are from petals on a flower.

The shapes on this dress are also from petals but I have just decided to put them on the hem line instead of up the dress.

This skirt is again from butterfly wing using the shape for the hem and the lines as the different shapes in the wing.

This is the same s the top image but I have used three layers instead of a normal skirt with various panels.

This is also from a butterfly wing but i have added the bottom section to turn the design into a flat hem dress.
The skirt above is made of petals being layered.

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