Wednesday, 18 April 2012


Up to now we have raised £1524.14. This is only a quarter of the way from what we need to raise. We have £4500 from last years ticket sales which is being brought over. So the total for that is £6024.14. We still need to raise another £1500 to cover the cost of everything. The college are trying to lower some of the costs this year by bringing in wine or making table decorations ourselves. We will also be reusing some stuff from last years fashion show. Such as: the cake stands, Table numbers etc...

We will definitely be able to raise the money because we have various bag packs coming up. Me, Nat and Damon are doing a sponsored walk round Delamere forest later this month/the start of next month. This will bring a large contribution to the fashion show because there are 20 students involved in this. If we all raise at least £50 then thats 1,000 towards the fashion show. I am also planning on doing a cake sale, which I'm hoping will bring a profit in.

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