Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Kirklees College..

Kirklees college is based in Dewsbury but is a part of Leeds Metropolitan University. I have currently applied to Kirklees College to study on a top-up course. This means that I will complete my B.A honours fashion degree. If I got accepted onto the course I would be looking for accommodation as it would be easier and cheaper to live closer the the university instead of travelling everyday.
This is a picture of the college. The architecture reminds me of Hogwarts out of Harry Potter.

When me Sarah Barron and Alex Conway went to the open day on the 2nd of February, we arrived and decided to walk round Dewsbury to familiarise ourselves with the town. We also decided to look at accommodation and houses whilst we were there. We got a few brochures to help us. Most of the houses we looked at were expensive for what they were. Some weren't even refurbished, so we would of had to buy or take our own furniture, which was a waist considering we were only going to be there a year.

When we got to the college (which was easy to find) we were greeted by the receptionist which gave us a open day bag and a dvd of last years fashion show. We got a small tour of the fashion rooms by the head of fashion ( Samantha Hudson). She explained what we would be doing in each semester. She also asked what we had done and seen what skills we would be bringing if we got a place. Sam also told us that if we were to get accepted in to the course to start saving straight away as we would be going somewhere big, such as : New York or Hong Kong. We explained that we had been looking around dewsbury at accommodation and sam told us to look more to live in leeds and just travel on the train in the mornings. She explained that because the college is a part of Leeds Metropolitan University that we would be able to get accommodation in halls. Sam also stresses to us what we would need in our portfolio and what garments to take. After all the information she gave us it made me a lot more confident for my interview which was on the 21/2/12.

Over the next few days Me, Sarah and Alex have been looking for a student house or halls to share as it would work out cheaper.

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