Wednesday, 18 April 2012


So today is the day of my interview.. Having woke up early to get to the college for 10am, I didnt really have time to be nervous. Getting to the college and dragging all my stuff in made me start to get nervous. Out of Me, Natalie Morris, Sarah Barron and Alex Conway my interview was first. I was slightly scared but glad to get it out of the way first. Sam Hudson was really nice. She made me feel welcome and not nervous. It didn't really feel like an interview. She asked to look through my work and Garments and gave me advice on what to do and how to make work better. She also looked through some of my drawings and said that I need to carry o doing this as they are good and its what she would like to see. This was good because not only did I have opinions on my work from peers and tutors I got advice from a fashion tutor who doesn't know me.

After looking through my work, Sam said to me " I am happy to offer you a place". I just smiled and had a big grin on my face because i was so happy that I got a place.

Sam said that in order for me to get onto the course I needed 60% which made me feel anxious, but it also gave me a kick up the bum to push myself harder.

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